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A gorgeous blue under toned Fuchsia. Leaving your teeth looking extra white while formulated to perfection to give you that perfect matte velvet lippie of your dreams. Just like BOLD RED this BOLD PINK will blow your mind. If you are into bold colours and you LOVE RED but want to spice up your look then this is for you.


TMP - Hibiscus - Liquid Velvet Lipstick

SKU: 364215376135199
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  • One of Helai's favorites as she is into sexy bold lip colours. This one is a staple in her personal and professional kit as this perfection of a lippie does not bleed and is super long lasting.

    Matte, full coverage, longwear, no shine. 


    • Paraben Free

    • Made in Canada

    • Hypo-Allergenic

    • Non-Comedogenic

    • Fragrance Free

    Not Tested on Animals

    Halal Certified

    • EU Compliant


    Net Wt. = 6 g/0,21 us oz

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